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Test Date: 06/09/2014
Speaking: 06/09/2014
Test Date: 20/09/2014
Speaking: 20/09/2014
Test Date: 27/09/2014
Speaking: 27/09/2014
Test Date: 11/10/2014
Speaking: 11/10/2014
Test Date: 18/10/2014
Speaking: 18/10/2014
Test Date: 25/10/2014
Speaking: 25/10/2014
Test Date: 01/11/2014
Speaking: 01/11/2014

General Training

Test Date: 06/09/2014
Speaking: 06/09/2014

Test Date: 20/09/2014
Speaking: 20/09/2014

Test Date: 18/10/2014
Speaking: 18/10/2014
Test Date: 01/11/2014
Speaking: 01/11/2014

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IELTS Online Registration

IELTS Online Registration

Now, you can register your IELTS test online using our convenient, secure online registration system anytime, anywhere.

How to Register my test?

1. Register an account

2. Login your account

3. Select a test date (Please note that at this IDP IELTS Test Centre your Speaking Test may be on a different day to the Listening/Reading/Writing Test)

4. Complete the candidate details and application details

5. Apply for addition test report form to be sent to institutions and organisations (If applicable)

6. Verify your test application information

7. Online Payment: We accept PPS, Credit Card (Visa/Master) or PayPal.

PPS繳費靈 VISA MasterCard    PayPal

(Note: If you pay by credit card, please click “PayPal”. However, you are not required to create a PayPal account, just simply click “buy as a guest” in the PayPal payment gateway and follow the prompts to proceed the payment) (Please complete all fields in English)            

IELTS網上付款 IELTS Online Payment

Documents Required

Before choosing a test session, please have the following items available:

1. A valid ID document * (HKID/Passport) 

2. A digital copy of your ID document (PDF or JPEG format)

3. Credit card (Visa/ Master)


Important Notes on Registration

Candidates must read the “Notice to Candidates” before registration for important test rules, terms and condition. It is important for you to download the "Notice to Candidates"and retain a copy for your own record. 

Special Needs

If you require special arrangements please contact the test centre immediately. Please kindly note that candidates requiring special arrangements are asked to submit the request at least 3 months before the test and inform the test centre before they pay their test fees.

Test Result

Test Results will be issued on the 13th day after the test date.  Candidates may bring along their confirmation of registration together with their ID document (present the one you used for the registration) to collect their results or authorize a person to collect their results.

Changing the Test Date/ Test Version

Candidates are not allowed to make any changes for the date or version of the registered test within 5 weeks before the registered test date.

Any request for changes is subject to the availability of seats for the test.  An administration charge (25% of the test fee) will be applied. Each candidate shall only be allowed to reschedule ONCE.  Deferments cannot be made for more than 1 month after the date of the original registered test.

Refund Policy

No refund will be granted within 5 weeks before the registered test date. Any request for refund is subject to approval by IELTS Administrator. A maximum of 75% of the test fee is refundable as an administration charge of 25% will be deducted from the test fee. Request for refund with detailed explanation must be made in writing to the IELTS Administrator. 

Identity Verification Process

A new identity verification process on candidates has been taken by IELTS Test Centres under IDP IELTS: Australia with effects on 19 March 2011.   Your identity is required to be verified on the test day by having your photograph and fingerscan taken.  You can refer to the identity verification document for details.

You may download a copy of the “Notice to Candidates” for important test rules and guidelines.


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IELTS Official Test Centre


Room 2807 - 09,

Harbour Centre,

25 Harbour Road,

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel (852) 2827 6362

Fax (852) 2827 9286


Opening Hours:

Mon to Thu 

10:30 - 19:00
Fri 10:30 - 17:30 
Sat  10:00 - 14:00
Sun & Public Holiday Closed


Candidates can apply in person at IDP Education (Hong Kong Office), please click here for details.

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